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Are you interested in End-To-End data protection and/or Trusted command testing?

Manufacturing Solutions

For over a decade STB has supported mass storage design and engineering groups with the best software tools for their job. The best tool on the market is still the: 

SCSI Toolbox Suite

Manufacturing storage devices requires many different types of tools. The SCSItoolbox is perfect for quickly and accurately confirming design and engineering decisions.

From command compliance to regression and long term testing, to generating SCSI level traffic, the SCSItoolbox has many uses in the manufacturing environment.

Device manufacturing and integration companies need easy to use tests that can run on many drives at once. Repeatability of tests and detailed logging is very important.

The SCSItoolbox Disk and Tape Screening/Manufacturing tests are perfect for high-volume device testing and configuring.

  1. Manufacturers
    1. Final Manufacturing Test:
    2. The Disk & Tape Screening/Manufacturing test module offers an easy to use system for performing final manufacturing tests

    3. Returns Screening (RMA)
      • Final Manufacturing Tests The Disk & Tape Screening/Manufacturing test module offers an easy to use system for performing final manufacturing test sequences.
      • Drive firmware download, block size change, Mode Page settings, and other device configuration issues are easily accomplished on as many devices on as many host bus adapters as your system will support.
      • Configuration and test sequences can be saved and easily re-run by test line operators.
      • All device and test information is logged into an Access data base, making custom reports and device history tracking an easy matter.

    4. Returns testing

    5. A customized return test procedure can be quickly defined by your engineering or QA team.

      This test procedure can then be run by your line technicians or operators to quickly and accurately screen your returned product.

    6. Distribution channels

    7. The same returns qualification and screening tests can be placed in the field at your distribution channels, allowing quick and accurate pre-screening of devices before they are returned to the factory.

      No-Trouble-Found problems can be identified in the field, and factory approved re-qualification tests can be run to certify NTF devices and return them to stock, saving shipping and factory testing costs.

    8. Field Service

    9. Having your field service team running tests based on the same technology backbone as your factory tests leads to higher testing consistency across your entire company.

      Better testing consistency makes better use of your field service force, decreases needless NTF shipping and re-testing, and keeps the end-user customer happy.

  2. Distributors

  3. Distribution channels selling storage subsystems can use the SCSItoolbox for many applications such as incoming QA inspection, custom configuration setup, and testing returned product before shipping it back to the manufacturer,
    • Configuration
    • Returns testing

  4. Integrators
  5. (Burn-in Testing)
    The SCSItoolbox makes it simple for integration companies to configure custom solutions for all of their customers.

    The easy to use Disk and Tape Screening/Manufacturing tests allow high volume custom testing and configuration.

    The thorough test sequences insure that drives, enclosures, and cabling is all tested quickly and accurately.

    1. Incoming QA
    2. Order setup & record
      1. Device configuration
        1. Download firmware
        2. Set mode pages
        3. Set blocksize & capacity
      2. Test

  6. Command Compliance
    Command compliance testing allows a device to be checked to insure that legal SCSI commands are executed properly, and also to check that illegal SCSI commands are failed in the proper manner with the proper error codes.

    Engineers working on device firmware need to check compliance during initial development stages, and during subsequent maintenance stages regression testing needs to be done to insure that no change has "broken" old compliance.

    The SCSItoolbox has a complete test to check command compliance as well as reserved-bit illegal command testing.

    In addition the User Defined CDB and CDB Sequencer tests allow quick spot testing of individual commands or groups of commands.

    1. Compliance test
    2. User CDB
      • CDB sequencer
  7. DVT testing
    Design Verification Testing is used to insure that all functionality and operations of a device are tested for proper operation.

    DVT testing usually consists of many different test sequences which can take a long time to run.

    The SCSItoolbox Disk and Tape Screening/Manufacturing Test modules allow an unlimited number of tests to be defined in a test sequence. As these tests execute the results are logged to an Access database, allowing in-depth analysis.
    Disk or Tape Screening

  8. Stress testing
    Device Stress testing involves operating the device at the extreme limits of its design range.

    Being able to fully define all phases of a test allows stress tests to be tailor written for any given device.

    The pre-defined tests included in the SCSItoolbox allow a large range of flexibility in setting test parameters. And for complete test control the Developer Toolbox (included at no charge with the SCSItoolbox) allows any type of customized test to be quickly written using either Microsoft Visual Basic or Visual C++.

  9. Long-term testing (ORT - Ongoing Reliablity Testing)
    Long-term testing procedures need to be reliable, and need to treat each device under test as a completely independent and isolated unit.

    In addition, data collection during long-term testing needs to be complete and use a method that lends itself to thorough analysis.

    The Disk and Tape Screening/Manufacturing Tests test each separate device with an independent test thread. In addition, for total isolation between devices under test each device can be attached to it's own separate host bus adapter.

    Complete data is logged to an Access data base, so no text file interpretation is ever needed.

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